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Serving Families Throughout Nashville
    "Amanda has a passion for fighting for her clients."
    She was without a doubt the perfect match for me, and I believe a great many others.
    - Todd H.
    "No nonsense & down to earth."
    Loved her from the very first time we met. No nonsense & down to earth.
    - Janie P.
    "She will tell you like it is!! She is very organized."
    Amanda is an outstanding attorney & always puts her clients first.
    - Jane M.
    "Amanda is REAL and a true fighter."
    She knows how to win, and gave you real advice and expectations.
    - Jason G.
    "Honest and trustworthy. Highly recommended!"
    She gives it to you straight and doesn't try to "sell" you into retaining her services if you don't really need a lawyer for your case like other lawyers do.
    - JT M.
    "Finest lawyer I know."
    She's the best! Great heart and is relentless!
    - Shane T.
    "She is THE BEST"
    She is straight to the point, and doesn't waste time just to make more money.
    - Courtney B.
    "She will give her all for your best interest on WHATEVER your case may be."
    She looked at the facts, not the typical stereotype they just assume of guilt cause of color and that in itself speaks volumes and was truly refreshing.
    - Revondia C.
    "She gets right to the point! And she delivers!"
    She made my family feel secure about everything!
    - Montre P.
    "Amanda is a wonderful person and an excellent Attorney."
    I'm very pleased and recommend her skills and dedication to your individual needs, for anyone seeking reliable and loyal representation!!
    - Terri F.
    "She's trustworthy and absolutely dedicated to her clients."
    I'm extremely thankful I met Amanda and her team they have been a blessing to me during my hardships.
    - Urtherstar E.
    "The Best Law Firm period!!!!"
    Legally -speaking she is unsurpassed at her knowledge of Family Law.
    - Benton B.
    "She is a straight shooter who is honest and genuinely cares."
    She truly is a gem and her success has shown that she is aggressive and will fight for her clients.
    - Nicole B.
    "Ms. Gentry fought hard, was true to her word, and won his case."
    She went above and beyond to help him and was a woman of her word.
    - Mary W.
    "Amanda did an amazing job throughout the pretrial, keeping me informed, educating me, and building a defense."
    She's loyal, and REAL and you'll feel that from your first conversation with her!
    - Jason G.
    "She will fight for you from beginning to end."
    She is straight to the point and keeps it real.
    - Kevin S.
    "Hands down the first best attorney I’ve done ever had."
    She's most definitely on your side no matter what your situation is.
    - Curtis F.
    "She is truly a professional."
    I recommend her when you have a tough case.
    - Scott G.
    "So stop looking and call Amanda Gentry!!"
    If you're looking for a great attorney that will represent you and give her all doing it,then stop searching because you have found the best attorney to do so.
    - Sheila H.
    "Amanda was a lifesaver!!!"
    Thank you so very much!!!
    - Fletcher B.
    "I was very pleased with the outcome."
    I would highly recommend her.
    - Shelly
    "A Gem of an Attorney"
    I was immediately impressed by Ms. Gentry's ability to put one at ease.
    - Mollie
    "Amanda is awesome at what she does!"
    She will fight the hardest to get the best outcome for you!
    - Joshua N.