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Murfreesboro Criminal Defense Lawyer & Crime Attorney

Whether it is your freedom or your family, I know how important it is. I know because I have been there. Since 2013, I have been dedicated to passionate, aggressive, representation of clients in both criminal and family courts in Nashville, Murfreesboro and around Middle Tennessee. My work affects every aspect of people's lives and I take it very, very seriously.

Every court is different. Every judge is different. I have been in courts across Middle Tennessee and have experience with court rooms in Nashville, Murfreesboro, Gallatin, Franklin and others. Regardless of the venue, I am committed to giving you a voice. Advocating for you. Whether it's your freedom, your children, or your marriage, I understand that people have rights to representation and lawyers are expensive.

Defending your rights is my number one priority. As a DUI, criminal defense, and divorce and child custody attorney, I have had the pleasure of representing clients accused of crimes or in divorce in Nashville, Murfreesboro, Gallatin, Hendersonville, Manchester, Franklin, Smyrna, Mt. Juliet, Lavergne, Shelbyville, Brentwood, Mt. Pleasant, Waynesboro, Cookeville and Memphis.

I always knew I wanted to be a lawyer. I love every minute of it. It's not work if you wake up and love what you do every day. I love the courtroom. I love happy clients. I love happy children. I don't love jail, no one does. Divorce or being arrested and accused of a crime can be devastating to your life and have endless collateral consequences that directly affect you and everyone in your life. Hiring a passionate, experienced lawyer will be crucial to a successful outcome in the face of a highly adversarial process.

  • You have a constitutional right to not talk to the police. Use it.
  • You have a constitutional right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. Exercise it.
  • You have a constitutional right to parent your children. Learn more about it.
  • You have a constitutional right to privacy. Protect yourself.
  • As a father, you have a right to equal and shared co-parenting. Exercise it.

But what if law enforcement or your spouse didn't follow your constitutional rights? What if the police didn't follow the rules? Police are allowed to lie. Seriously. Don't talk to them. They are not your friends. They have a job to do. So do I. Which is to protect you from them. If you did, you have options. You always have options. With the proper training, tools, communication, and preparation, I will zealously defend you, your rights, your family, your children, your freedom.

Often, the fear of the unknown, of what might happen is what causes the most anxiety in criminal courts and family courts. I understand that. I strive to make sure my clients will be prepared and know every option that can be reasonable predicted. I've been there. I will walk you through the process each step of the way. It's your right. Exercise it.

As a Murfreesboro criminal lawyer, I have represented accused criminals that have been arrested on a wide variety of Tennessee Criminal Laws. Whether it's DUI, marijuana, drugs (from opioids, prescription pills, meth, cocaine, crack, and heroin, defending your rights, listening to your story, giving you a voice in the judicial system is my priority and my passion. If you've been accused of assault, domestic assault, simple assault, aggravated assault, theft, misdemeanors, felonies, harassment, stalking, being arrested has consequences. They are stressful. I understand that. Whether its jail, fines, court costs, probation, probation violations, it's all time consuming, expensive, and will directly affect you and your entire life.

Should you find yourself in a situation with a police officer is asking you questions, the only response should be. "I WANT A LAWYER." If they ask you multiple questions, keep repeating "I WANT A LAWYER." Do not admit anything to them. Do not consent. Wear your seatbelt. If you get arrested, don't talk on the jail phones. They record it. It will be used against you. Stay vigilant. Exercise your rights.

Watching a grown man or woman cry tears of joy because I believed in him, and personally helped him though a broken justice system is why I do this and why I love my work. I personally handle all aspects of your case from the beginning to end.

In criminal matters, the first step after being released from jail is to find a lawyer that is right for you. I always encourage people to do their research and shop around. Not every lawyer is the right one for you. Getting a second opinion is always a good idea.

Most criminal matters begin with an arrest. Some with an indictment. If you can afford it, you will then post a bond for your release. You will be given a court date. You will need a lawyer at that court date. And every one. It's your right. Use it. I will give you all the court dates, discuss your options, the consequences of a guilty plea, determine the weight of the evidence, question the police on their reasonable suspicion and probable cause. It's my habit at the very beginning to think about what my closing argument would be in front of a jury. Then I work backward. Does the government have enough to convict you of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt? That is the question. I will help you find the answer.

Each year, I attend trial lawyer training for both criminal and family trials. I continue to stay on top of the current laws, cases, opinion, statutes. Whether it is me or another lawyer, make sure you hire someone who stays up to date on the current legal climate and news laws. The laws change every year, and sometimes every month. Each year, I spend countless hours studying, training, consulting with my legal superhero mentors to be the best lawyer I can be for you.

Divorce is hard. It's exhausting. It can be expensive. But it doesn't have to be. I understand it. My childhood was affected by it. The judge ruled in favor of my father. Being raised by my father in a stable, loving, protected environment is what ultimately provided the foundation for my motivation and love of education, and the law. The best interest of the child is the courts priority, and should always be the parents. The climate has often favored the mother, but the courts and the case law is now leaning to equal, shared parenting.

From being served with a divorce to the final decree, as your divorce lawyer, I will be there every step of the way. I have served divorce clients in Nashville, Murfreesboro, Shelbyville, Gallatin, Lebanon, Brentwood and Franklin.

I've represented both sides. Fathers have rights. Mothers have rights. Knowing what those rights are, and how to protect them is what I will do for you.

Even if you don't have children, but do have marital assets and/or marital debts, the Court is going to equitably divide your marriage through the dissolution to the divorce. Regardless of whether your sex or gender, you may be entitled to support and alimony. You may be entitled to half. You may not. I can answer these questions for you.

Divorce and divorce lawyers can be highly adversarial. It can be burdensome. It can be exhausting both emotionally and financially. It can be a daily fight in and out of the court room. I am a fighter. I refused to let anyone be bullied. Sometimes a fight may not be emotionally or financially the right decision, sometimes it is. Regardless, I am prepared to from the beginning to the end. I am also realistic. My advice and recommendations come from my experience. I expect my clients to listen and trust me. I got into this field to help and protect people. I do it every day.

If you are involved in any type of litigation, but especially divorce, child custody, or child support court, learn this rule and live it. Treat all your text messages, emails, Facebook, Twitter, social media as if its 100% certain they will end up on a projector, in a court of law, in front of a judge, who will determine the fate. Want to have to explain your behavior to a judge? You are under a microscope. Don't forget it.

What's your life story? I will ask you. I will often ask you to write it down. Once I am hired, anything you tell me is confidential. It is between me and you. I want to know your life story. I want to know how you got to my doorstep. I want to know how the prepare a defense or a settlement in the most painless, efficient, cost effective, organized way. The devil is in the details. For me, knowing all the details and all the facts, whether small or large, is instrumental in being able to fully advocate for you and your rights.

I am an active member of the Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. During the legislative session, each year, I regular follow, advocate, and lobby on behalf of TACDL. TACDL is an incredible resource of criminal lawyers in Nashville, Murfreesboro, and all over the State of Tennessee. "Wherever Justice Demands" is TACDL's motto that I live by.

Lawyers can't make guarantees on how a judge or a court will rule on your case. But as your Murfreesboro criminal attorney, I will guarantee that you are my priority. I am committed to be accessible, communicate often, and make the entire process as seamless and painless as possible. It's what I do.

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Amanda J. Gentry has a proven success record as a Criminal Defense Lawyer and Family Law Attorney serving Murfreesboro, Gallatin, Franklin, Lebanon and Nashville clients. Amanda J. Gentry provides legal help to clients in the following counties Davidson, Rutherford, Wilson, Cannon, Sumner, Williamson, Dickson, and Robertson Counties. If you have been charged with a crime and need a criminal lawyer or you need help with matters related to family law, schedule a consultation with Amanda J. Gentry today.

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Amanda is a great lawyer and person. She is quick, professional and affordable. I have referred her as well as used her as a hired lawyer. I will continue to refer her. She's the only lawyer I refer to people anymore due to I've had bad luck with other lawyers I have used. Nathan Curl
Amanda is a Lawyer and she will Lawyer the system so hard on your behalf. If the Rock had stuck with wrestling, instead of selling out to Hollywood, he would also recommend her. Jack Wall
Amanda is a hardworking and dedicated attorney. I highly recommend her for criminal cases and family law. She goes above and beyond for her clients. Tracie Reeves
Amanda has been great. She is very understanding and actually cares about her clients. Jim Corley
I'm probably her most problematic client and she hasn't fired me yet regardless of my shenanigans. Brook Jolley
The only attorney I have stored in my phone. Josh Spangler
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