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Defending Those Accused of Violent Offenses

Violent crimes are those that involve the use of force or violence. They are some of the most serious crimes in the state of Tennessee, and they come with some of the harshest penalties. If you have been charged with a violent crime, you need an attorney who is skilled in defending those accused of violent crimes.

At the Law Offices of Amanda J. Gentry, our Nashville violent crime lawyer has the skills and experience to defend you against violent crime charges. Attorney Gentry is committed to providing you with the representation you need and deserve, and she will work tirelessly to fight for your best interests.

If you have been charged with a violent crime, our Nashville violent crime lawyer can help you. Call (615) 235-5096 and let our firm review the details of your case and provide you with the representation you need and deserve.

Types of Violent Crimes in Tennessee

There are many different types of violent crimes, and they each come with their own set of penalties. Our Nashville violent crime attorney can help you fight the charges against you, no matter how severe they are.

Our Nashville violent crime lawyer can help you with the following types of charges:

Legal Defenses to Violent Crimes

When it comes to defending against violent crimes, there are several possible defenses that individuals can employ depending on the circumstances. It's important to note that specific defense strategies can vary based on the jurisdiction and the legal system in place.

Here are some common defenses used in cases involving violent crimes:

  • Self-defense: This defense is applicable when a person reasonably believes that their actions were necessary to protect themselves or others from imminent harm or danger. The force used must be proportionate to the threat faced.
  • Defense of others: Similar to self-defense, this defense applies when an individual believes that they are protecting another person from immediate harm or danger and uses reasonable force to prevent it.
  • Alibi defense: This defense aims to prove that the accused was not present at the scene of the crime when it occurred, providing evidence or witnesses to support their claim.
  • Mistaken identity: This defense asserts that the accused has been wrongly identified as the perpetrator of the crime, often by providing an alibi or challenging the reliability of eyewitness testimony.
  • Consent: In cases involving certain crimes, such as assault or sexual offenses, the defense may argue that the alleged victim consented to the actions in question. Consent must be given voluntarily and without coercion.
  • Lack of intent: If the accused can demonstrate that they did not have the intent or mental state required to commit the crime, it may be a viable defense. For instance, they may argue that the act was accidental or unintentional.
  • Duress: This defense is used when an individual commits a crime under the threat or coercion of another person. It asserts that they acted out of reasonable fear for their safety or the safety of someone else.

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If you have been charged with a violent crime, you need an attorney who is experienced in defending those charged with violent crimes. Our Nashville violent crime lawyer has the skills and experience to help you get the best possible outcome in your case. She has handled a wide range of violent crime cases and knows how to fight for her clients.

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