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Mt. Juliet & Lebanon Criminal Defense & Family Law Attorney

arrested Perhaps you’re in legal trouble. Perhaps you need legal counseling for your will. Perhaps you want custody of your child. Whatever your needs for criminal defense and family law in the Mt. Juliet and Lebanon areas, Amanda J Gentry can help. As an experienced criminal defense and family law attorney, Amanda has helped many clients in the Mt. Juliet and Lebanon areas receive a fair trial and thorough legal representation. For every case, Amanda tracks down the facts of the situation and the details of the law to build a strong argument for your court date and beyond.

With a criminal defense attorney in Mt. Juliet and Lebanon, you have an opportunity to share your side of the story and elaborate on the details of your personal situation during the alleged crime. Amanda J Gentry can help you present this information to a judge or jury for your misdemeanor or felony. Amanda studied to become a criminal defense attorney in Mt. Juliet and Lebanon because she understands that every person deserves a fair trial and comprehensive legal representation. Regardless of your personal situation or the nature of your charges, Amanda can help you seek justice and a reduced sentence if you are found guilty.

Amanda J Gentry also provides family law services to the Mt. Juliet and Lebanon communities. She grew up as an only child and always wanted to help her family navigate the difficult decisions of life. That’s why Amanda decided to become a family law attorney who can help parents, children, grandparents, and individuals receive customized and professional legal counseling. Amanda can help with wills, child custody rights, divorce cases, grandparent rights, and healthcare power of attorney.

Find a lawyer who truly wants to make an impact on your life with her steadfast dedication to justice and a fair trial. Contact Amanda J Gentry’s offices in Lebanon and Brentwood today for a free consultation. 615-604-6263.