Wills and Trusts, Conservatorships

Wills, Trusts and Conservatorship in Hendersonville, Gallatin, and Nashville, TN

We’ve all heard the terms “Will” and “Trust” but most people probably don’t know the difference between the two. While wills take effect once someone dies, trusts take effect as soon as they are created. Amanda J. Gentry offers legal services to those seeking to create a will or trust or as a legal representative to those who have been named in a will or trust in Nashville, TN or surrounding counties.


What are conservatorships? Most people have never encountered this term until they are thrown into an extremely emotional and stressful situation. People are more familiar with the Medical Power of Attorney since most hospital stays require patients to at least consider it. But what do conservatorships and the Medical Power of Attorney have in common?

Gaining conservatorship is the legal process by which one person gains legal control over the affairs of another’s life, including property, daily affairs, medical and financial. The person over whom a conservator is appointed is usually incapable of personal care due to a mental infirmity, physical infirmity or age. If a person is born disabled or becomes disabled, the only way the caregiver can have access to their medical records is through a conservatorship, unless an Appointment of Health Care Agent is provided.

Amanda J. Gentry offers legal aid to those seeking conservatorship in Hendersonville, Gallatin and, Nashville, TN. Contact Amanda today at 615-604-6263 for a free case evaluation

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