Williamson County

Brentwood, Franklin, Springfield Criminal Defense & Family Law Attorney

arrested Everyone makes mistakes. Consequently, everyone deserves a second chance. Amanda J Gentry can help you navigate the criminal justice system as your criminal defense attorney for the Williamson County cities of Brentwood, Franklin, and Springfield. She understands the complexities behind a variety of charges, including arson, burglary, sale of illegal narcotics, domestic violence, and beyond. Every case is unique and deserving of its own legal research. Amanda combines her professional knowledge with her compassionate listening skills to tell your side of the story for the judge or jury. Let Amanda’s expertise as a criminal defense attorney in Brentwood, Franklin, and Springfield help you obtain a fair trial and a strong defense.

Amanda J Gentry’s approach to representing you as your criminal defense attorney in Brentwood, Franklin, and Springfield is two-sided. She aims to balance the facts of the law with the details of your personal situation, developing a defense case that will get you the best outcome possible. Amanda is also committed to the truth, never backing down from the hard questions or from straightforward answers. Her Brentwood, Franklin, and Springfield criminal defense services are affordable and customized to your needs as her client.

For family law attorney services in Brentwood, Franklin, or Springfield, Amanda will work directly with the court to help you achieve the desired outcome, whether it’s child custody or an end of life will. Every family deserves legal support and counseling that’s customized to their personal needs. Amanda’s areas of expertise in family law services for the cities of Brentwood, Franklin, and Springfield include grandparents rights, divorce filings, child custody, wills, and power of attorney. Whatever case work your family requires, Amanda has the legal skills to resolve the issue and file the necessary paperwork with the local court system.

To find out more about Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, and Springfield’s local criminal defense and family law attorney, contact Amanda J Gentry at 615-604-6263. She offers free consultations!