Public Intoxication

Going out for a drink after a hard day of work hardly seems like a reason to get arrested or worse end up with a criminal record. If you find you have had one to many drinks and now are facing the law then you need help, but luckily for you at the Law Offices of Amanda Gentry, we understand a drink after a hard day of work and with an experienced hand are ready to help.

What is Public Intoxication?

The elements of public intoxication according to § 39-17-310 include more then simply being drunk such as:

  1. The person in question must be in a public place and
  2. Be so affected by some type of substance such as drugs or alcohol that
    1. They pose a threat to themselves or
    2. They pose a threat to other people and things in the area or
    3. They unreasonably annoy the people around them
What is the Penalty for Public Intoxication?

This is considered a Class C misdemeanor meaning:

  1. Less then 30 days in jail and
  2. No more then a $50 fine at Max