Powers of Attorney

Power of Attorney and Medical Power of Attorney in Murfreesboro, Gallatin and Nashville, TN areas

A power of attorney is someone chosen to represent you on your behalf when you are physically or mentally unable to represent yourself. Someone may wish to grant you the power of attorney related to business matters, private matters, legal matters or medical matters (also knows as a medical or health care power of attorney).

The term “Medical Power of Attorney” is the term used in Tennessee’s law prior to 2004. Its current law refers to it as an Appointment of Health Care Agent. This is a form of advance directive that permits you to designate someone to make any health care decisions on your behalf if you cannot make them yourself.

A Few Primary Roles and Responsibilities of a Power of Attorney

  • Make decisions regarding medical treatment, including medication, testing, surgery, doctors and rehab
  • Make decisions regarding financial matters
  • Offer gifts of money on behalf of the grantor
  • Recommend a guardian

The restrictions and limits imposed by a conservatorship usually create additional hardships for the person who is serving as a conservator. This is standard when the court is inserted into circumstances that usually do not necessitate intense oversight. If you require representation when seeking power of attorney, contact Amanda J. Gentry today for a free case evaluation. 615-604-6263