Disorderly Conduct

When you get into trouble with the law for that night at the bar that got out of hand on a bad night or you get a little too carried away at a party that brings the cops to the premises. The Law Offices of Amanda Gentry, are here to help and more then prepared to get you out of these misdemeanors and back out into your life.

What is Disorderly Conduct?

The Elements of disorderly conduct according to § 39-17-305 are:

  1. Someone in a public place intends to cause a disturbance and:
    1. Fights or gets violent
    2. Disobeys an order meant to ensure safety from an emergency such as a shooting, fire, or chemical spill
    3. Creates an environment that is hazardous or physically offensive that has no legitimate purpose
  2. Or a person makes an unreasonable amount of noise that it prevents others from carrying with reasonable daily activities.
  3. This is considered a Class C misdemeanor meaning:
    1. Less then 30 days in jail
    2. A maximum fine of $50
What is Disorderly Conduct at Funerals?

The Elements of disorderly conduct at funerals according to § 39-17-317 are:

  1. A person disrupts a funeral proceeding by acting in a manner that is offensive to the sensibilities of an ordinary person.
  2. This only applies to the premises and 500’ around it.
  3. Picketing, protesting, and demonstrating are not allowed and considered disorderly conduct at funerals.
  4. Class B misdemeanor
    1. Less than 6 months in jail
    2. Maximum Fine of $500
What is Disrupting Meeting or Procession?

The Elements of disrupting meeting or procession according to § 39-17-306 are:

  1. Somebody intends to disrupt a gathering and
  2. Significantly interferes with the gathering either physically or verbally
  3. This is a Class B misdemeanor.