Sometimes a fire gets out of hand and light someone’s prized petunias on fire. Sometimes throwing oil on an open flame during a BBQ gets out of hand and burns a house down. Other times you burned your ex’s house down in drunken dispute and are now facing charges of arson. At the Law Offices of Amanda Gentry, we have seen such situations and know how to handle them with an experienced approach to tend to the situation and a straightforward honestly that helps us get a clear understanding of the situation.

What is Arson?

According to § 39-14-301 are:

  1. Someone knowingly set fire to someone’s property and:
    1. Does so without the owner’s permission or
    2. Did it trying to collect insurance on it
What is the Penalty for Arson?

This is considered a Class C felony which means:

  1. A Sentencing Range of 3-15 years and
  2. A Maximum Fine of $10,000

Doing so to a place of worship such as a church or mosque makes it a Class B felony meaning:

  1. Range 8-30 years
  2. Max $25,000
What Happens if I Light My Neighbor’s Petunias on Fire?

You would be charged with a charge of setting fire to personal property or land according to § 39-14-303 which means:

  1. Someone knowingly destroys another person’s property using fire or explosives and
    1. Has not been given permission to or
    2. Intended to do it for something illegal
What is the Penalty for This?

This is considered a Class E felony:

  1. Range 1-6 years
  2. Max $3,000
What is Aggravated Arson?

The elements of aggravated arson according to § 39-14-302 are:

  1. One commits either of the types of arson mentioned above (Arson of Personal Property and Arson of Structures) and
    1. More then one person is present for it or
    2. Anybody is seriously injured due to the fire
What is the Penalty for Aggravated Arson?

This is a Class A felony meaning it is on par with second degree murder and:

  1. Range 15-60 years
  2. Max $50,000
What if I Did Not Intend to Hurt Anyone and or Anything and Still Burned Down the House?

You could be charged with reckless burning if things “got out of hand” and is a Class A misdemeanor with:

  1. Max Sentence of 11 months and 2 days and
  2. Max Fine of $2,500